Thursday, February 4, 2010


wakaka.its today.hmm.we took some photos.but its like not everyone is into the cant really go high until the peak.only at the middle.haha.this is the first time sidang majalah took pic during duty.thanks to me.wakaka

.ssj and ray pretend to be concentrating while i was taking pics.haha

wen yan taking pics while i was taking her..(she was taking my photo at the same time actually)wakaka

i am worrying for the future of sidang majalah.coz disappointed at how they do is ban yeng.haha we oso went to the field to see rumah e rumah latihan.hehe.
then le.we went to the canteen around 12 coz ntg to do d.we go there sit.then wen yan pia hw.last minute fellow lai de oso.
i have prove>>>.then after that we went back class and present our juana thomas with chun han and wei qin.then wei qin got compliments from pn norashikin for explaining very clearly.then we listen to others presenting their characters from the pearl and then jing jie came.i tot what she want to say.then she told me i forgot to take my camera at the canteen!lol.i was shocked.without her mom sure scold me like thanks alot.after that.wen yan got back her phone.her mom came to school and help her retrieve it from the discipline committee.haha.then wei qin fell sick d.wakaka.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

caligraphy day!

lol.its really fun today.we went to the hall and paint the town red.haha.thanks to pbc/we had nice茶叶蛋and 珍珠奶茶.gaga.and wei hong treated me a cup.and i bought myself i got two.haha.then i noticed wen yan concentrating writing concentrate until not enough time to write the second piece.but not satisfied with some me le.i didnt write at all.just go there and simply draw and be a wet weiqin and ray and jia wei and others to give up bad.but pn pang came today.and i gave her one of my paper to draw her masterpiece of the year and its nice.haha.we'll paste it on our class notice board.hehe.and svenja can write too!lol.shes amazing.someone from germany writing chinise character le.haha.not bad..kaka.then have a little chat with wen yan..then tmr is coming!going to make tmr a very fun day for sidang majalah.wakaka.i told sze ming that sidang majalah is really lucky to have me and him too in the life is more fun for them.haha.hungry for the fun tmr!haha.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


yo!its 2.22010.and i am super lets put all the sad things aside and just look at the good things!wakaka..its been the second day of my was really fun!(jia jia say fun).coz quite sien..but quite nice is bcz of the boring schedule.but nice is bcz of the ppl duty form four and form five..hmm..nice!two days not in class surely miss me tmr no i must go my class to make a turmoil tmr.hahaha.all well's that ends well..will online at night.about ten something..wakaka.see u then!to all sidang majalah members. i have figured out how to make things interesting for us on friday.hehehe.look forward to it!haha.chaoz!!